Arrow Cave 3D

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Creation of a project aiming to depict a scene from a TV series as realistically as possible. This project is personal and was undertaken to test my modeling skills in the 3D software Autodesk Maya.

Secret base of the Arrow series in 3D.

The concept

As part of our 3D course, we were assigned a project to faithfully recreate a 3D scene from a TV series or movie. To meet the requirements, we had to identify the appropriate camera angle and set it up in Maya, ensuring the correct format throughout the process.

The original image of the Arrow series with scientific equipment.


A 3D scene with simplified shapes prototyping the project. A 3D scene with shapes prototyping the project and some materials. A 3D scene with shapes prototyping the project and a background image for image comparison.

The Steps in My Work

To create my 3D scene, I started by placing the camera and then added the various elements of the set. I meticulously modeled the objects to enhance realism. I set up the lighting using 40 light sources to highlight the foreground, background, and overall atmosphere. I added materials, working with noise textures for a more realistic appearance. Finally, I integrated three textures onto the computer screens to finalize my scene.

A scene with 3D shapes representing a wardrobe, a microscope, a table with computers.