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Creation of a website aiming to represent my online identity. This site's purpose is to showcase my various skills as a Web Developer, both in terms of Front End and Back End capabilities.

Dylan Jacquet - Web Developer - Portfolio of ocean and blue sky.

The concept

As part of my Web Design course and for myself, I created a portfolio showcasing my work and representing my approach. My goal was to stand out through this portfolio by creating a cohesive narrative that would guide the user during their visit to my site.

App MyPole (mobile), Arrow Cave 3D (3D) et City Isométric (3D).


Young man with black horses on a purple background, with introductory text. Diver with bubbles and pictograms to illustrate skills. Illustration of an underwater cave with blue-purple rocks and coral on the side.

The Steps in My Work

Firstly, I conducted research on other portfolios to gather inspiration from what worked best. I was particularly drawn to a highly illustrated design. Next, I began creating my wireframe, which helped determine the placement of each piece of information. I then hand-drew each illustration and proceeded to design the layout using XD before moving on to the coding phase.

Contact form on a marine background, with a section for contact information on the right.