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Creation of a design for a mobile cinema application. This project is personal and was undertaken to test my capabilities in terms of UX and UI using Adobe XD.

A cinema app with a homepage, content filter, and search.

The concept

As part of my Mobile Application Design course, I had to design a mobile application of my choice. The options provided were a cinema application, a recipe application, a “This Or That” application, or an application for local small businesses. I chose to work on the cinema application, which I renamed Movie GP.

A cinema app showing the page of a particular movie.


3 phone screens display a cinema app with seat selection and booking options. 3 phone screens show a cinema app with payment options. QR code tickets in the style of Dragon Ball Z.

The Steps in My Work

Firstly, I went through a phase of prioritization and direction by organizing the content of my different app pages and creating links between them. This allowed me to assess the usability of the pages and test them. In the second step, I conducted research to define a general style for my application. Finally, in the third step, I implemented the design across my various app pages.

3 phone screens display a cinema app with a "My Favorites" section.