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Creation of a "one page" website. I drew inspiration from the official website of Synthesia link to the website. This project was undertaken to test my abilities in reproducing a website page while customizing and enhancing it to make it my own.

Dylan Jacquet Web Developer CV website.

The concept

As part of the Web Design course, our task was to reproduce a web page exactly and transform it into our CV. We had to adapt the page to be fully accessible and compliant with accessibility standards while optimizing the site to the maximum. I chose the Synthesia website. Unfortunately their site has changed in the meantime, but having taken my precautions beforehand you can find a video of the original site.

Synthesia photo: woman in a video with a title on the left.


"Reviews" section with comments on Dylan Jacquet's work. JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP cards. Photo with a chat box at the bottom right and a big dropdown menu.

Steps in My Work

I began by taking a complete screenshot of the original website’s page, which I then imported into a prototyping software. My goal was to adapt the content, specifically the text, so that it matched the original site’s content as closely as possible, including maintaining the same sentence lengths. Next, I started coding the site, starting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Blue footer with white text, section of 3 buttons to other sites.