City isometric 3D

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Creation of a project aiming to depict a city in isometric perspective with perfect alignments in a low-poly style. This project is personal and was undertaken to test my precision and accuracy in the 3D software Autodesk Maya.

Isometric 3D city with green, yellow, blue, and gray buildings. 3D scene.

The concept

We had a project to create an isometric scene as part of our 3D course, with the requirements that the view be isometric and that the alignments of the shapes be perfectly maintained. To meet these criteria, we constructed the buildings in a similar manner to Lego bricks.

Color palette: yellow, black, blue, green, and dark turquoise.


Construction city with beach and water, with gray buildings. Isometric 3D city with gray buildings and entirely green ground. Isometric 3D city with gray buildings and buildings.

The steps of my work

Firstly, when working on my project, I initially planned to create a seaside city. However, I quickly changed my mind as it posed an aesthetic issue. The presence of the sea resulted in a large empty space on the screen, which was not satisfying to me. Therefore, I decided to find an alternative solution as I didn’t want to take the easy way out. My goal is to push myself with each project and learn more.

Construction city with river and bridges, with gray buildings.