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HeatSmart is my final year project. I committed to developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) specifically designed to meet the needs of heating engineers, while remaining adaptable to a wide range of businesses. My application addresses real needs felt by various market players.

The concept

One autumn day, inspiration struck. By a miracle, I was contacted by a friend who had recently become an independent heating engineer. He wanted a solution to manage his business online. He didn’t want an existing solution, but a custom-made one.


The steps of my work

I went through various stages, such as creating a design. Then, I began developing the website using Laravel in conjunction with Livewire. However, that wasn’t all; my design wasn’t very optimal. I received feedback that helped me revise the design, resulting in a complete redesign and then a major code overhaul to align with the new design. I also created a site presenting this application.