Breakout – Typescript

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Creation of a Brick Breaker game developed using HTML5 Canvas and Typescript. This project is personal and was undertaken to test my skills with the Typescript language.

A brick breaker game where the ball breaks a brick.

The concept

This game was developed as part of our Multimedia course. We created a Canvas framework that allowed us to build a game for the end-of-year exam. We had to choose a game, and I decided to go with a brick breaker. I felt it was a perfect fit to demonstrate what Canvas can do. I had the opportunity to handle ball collisions and generate game elements based on user choices.

Brick Breaker Game Main Menu


Difficulties of the Brick Breaker game Color selection for the Brick Breaker game A brick breaker game where the ball breaks a brick.

The steps of my work

Firstly, during the development of my project, I listed all the tasks I needed to accomplish in my on GitHub. This included the challenges I set for myself. I then created a checklist of everything that still needed to be done in my project, which I validated during the project’s design phase. I invite you to visit my GitHub page for a detailed breakdown of each step. Page github du projet

Game over in the Brick Breaker game.