Jiri – Web App

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I developed an application named "Jiri". Designed with a global perspective, this application can adapt to various sectors. The main purpose of this application is to simplify the organization and creation of a jury in the form of evaluators assessing the work of the evaluated.

The concept

This idea stems from the Web Projects course I attended during my studies. The objective is to create an interactive interface to organize trials in the form of a jury. It enables sending connection links to evaluators so they can assess participants’ work. Evaluators can access participants’ resources, allocate points, and leave comments.


The stages of my work

I began by researching existing applications to evaluate the available options. Then, I created a moodboard and a series of documents for inspiration. I developed a wireframe and then a design before starting to program the application. During this process, I simultaneously set up the database according to identified needs. Additionally, I conducted extensive research on the technologies used to avoid any security loopholes.